Posters, maps, sewing patterns, and more have all been printed in the Makerspace on our large format printers. Our printers are not networked like other printers on campus. To print a poster submit a file through the Makerspace's form.

Please note that student print allocations cannot be used toward Makerspace printing. All payments due at time of service. Makerspace staff reserve the right to refuse to print anything that is deemed dangerous or unsuitable to student, faculty, and staff welfare, injurious to the equipment, or unnecessarily wasteful of resources.

Victoria College Printing & Mailroom Services

Victoria College's Printing & Mailroom Services provides printing, signage, and mailroom services to VC faculty, staff, and the public. Services include copying & printing, binding, and laminating.

Current hours and rates can be found by visiting VC's Marketing & Communications site or by contacting

Note that VC Printing & Mailroom Services is not affiliated with jaX Makerspace. This listing is intended only for informational purposes.