About the Glowforge

The Glowforge is a type of computer-aided manufacturing similar to the Cricut Maker. The  Glowforge can cut and engrave designs into a variety of materials. The material must be flat and with dimensions of no more than 18" x 20" x 2". The cutting area is slightly less at 11" x 19.5". The following materials are compatible with the Glowforge:

Material Cut Engrave
Wood Yes Yes
Leather Yes Yes
Paper Yes Yes
Acrylic/Plexiglass Yes Yes
Acetal/Delrin Yes Yes
Mylar Yes Yes
Rubber Yes Yes
Corian Yes Yes
Glass No Yes
Coated Metal No Yes
Marble No Yes
Anodized Aluminum No Yes
Titanium No Yes
Fabric *Yes *Yes
Phone/Tablet/Laptop cases No *Yes

 *Some materials are unsuitable for use in the Glowforge. The UHV Library recognizes the limitations of laser printing and does not guarantee the success of a cutting / engraving or that the material used will not be damaged.

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Inkjet Printer
This printer is not suitable for print jobs larger than 10 pages.
$0.25 per sheet for VC/UHV and $0.50 per sheet for guests.

Poster Prints

(24" wide paper) $3.00 per linear foot for VC/UHV and guests $5.00 per linear foot

(36" wide paper) $4.50 per linear foot for VC/UHV and guests $7.50 / linear foot

24" x 18" or 18" x 24" (Landscape or Portrait):

  • UHV/VC: $4.50
  • Guest: $7.50

36" x 24" or 24" x 36" (Landscape or Portrait):

  • UHV/VC: $9.00
  • Guest: $15.00

24" x 24" (Square):

  • UHV/VC: $6.00
  • Guest: $10.00

48" x 36" or 36" x 48" (Landscape or Portrait):

  • UHV/VC: $18.00
  • Guest: $30.00

36" x 36" (Square):

  • UHV/VC: $13.50
  • Guest: $22.50

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