Laminating is the process of enclosing paper in plastic sheeting. Some laminators use rolls of plastic film, while others use prepared pouches. Laminators can be heated or unheated, with varying results depending on the paper thickness, plastic thickness, and heat applied.


Inkjet Printer
This printer is not suitable for print jobs larger than 10 pages.
$0.25 per sheet for VC/UHV and $0.50 per sheet for guests.
Poster Prints

(24" wide paper) $3.00 per linear foot for VC/UHV and guests $5.00 per linear foot
(36" wide paper) $4.50 per linear foot for VC/UHV and guests $7.50 / linear foot

24" x 18" or 18" x 24" (Landscape or Portrait):

  • UHV/VC: $4.50
  • Guest: $7.50

36" x 24" or 24" x 36" (Landscape or Portrait):

  • UHV/VC: $9.00
  • Guest: $15.00

24" x 24" (Square):

  • UHV/VC: $6.00
  • Guest: $10.00

48" x 36" or 36" x 48" (Landscape or Portrait):

  • UHV/VC: $18.00
  • Guest: $30.00

36" x 36" (Square):

  • UHV/VC: $13.50
  • Guest: $22.50

See our FAQ for more information.

Scotch PRO Thermal Laminator, 9", TL906

From the manufacturer

Create professional, high quality, laminated documents. For use with thermal laminating pouches up to 9 inches wide, including legal size, letter size, ID badge size, business card size, and various sized photos. Thermal Pouches 3 to 5 mil thick. Premium design includes easy-to-use LED touch controls and button that turns green when machine is ready. Includes hidden built-in cord storage and foldable input tray.

  • 5-6 minute warm-up time, light signals when machine is ready
  • Never Jam Technology automatically prevents misfed items
  • 2 roller machine. Laminates at speed of 15 in/min. Use with 3-5 mil thick thermal pouches, up to 9" wide.
  • Auto shutoff after 1 hour of inactivity helps conserve energy
  • This machine is only suitable for use with a grounded 120V outlet, do not use laminator with a voltage or outlet converter

From the manufacturer


Adjustable Temperature Yes
Brand Scotch
Input Width 9 inches
Maximum Pouch Thickness 5 mil
Never Jam Technology Yes
Number of Rollers 2
Pouch Thickness 3 mil, 5 mil
Product Color Gray