Makerspace Supply Charge Rates

There is no charge to use equipment or tools. Some equipment requires specialized supplies which do have charges associated with them. Our current rates are as follows

Equipment UHV/VC Student, Faculty and Staff Rate* Guest and Community Member Rate** User supplied materials allowed Note
3D Printing $0.05 / gram $0.10 / gram No Finished project weight. We are unable to support user-supplied filaments on our equipment.
Button Maker (1") $0.20 / button $0.40 / button Yes. American Button Machines brand required. No charge for user supplied materials. Button includes back, shield, and mylar cover.
Button Maker (2.25") $0.25 / button $0.50 / button
Glowforge $1.00 / ten minutes (minimum charge $1.00) $1.50 / ten minutes (minimum charge $1.50) Yes. Rate still applies. Click here for more information about Glowforge materials requirements.
Inkjet Printer $0.25 / one sided page $0.50 / one sided page Yes. Epson or Avery brand required. Rate still applies. Regular printer paper and some card stock varieties may be available in the Makerspace. This printer is not suitable for print jobs larger than 10 pages. For larger volume print jobs we recommend contacting Victoria College's Print Shop.
Laminator $0.20 / pouch (all sizes) $0.30 / pouch (all sizes) Yes. Scotch brand required. No charge for user supplied materials.  
Poster Printer (24" paper) $3.00 / linear foot $5.00 / linear foot No HP printer
Poster Printer (36" paper) $4.50 / linear foot $7.50 / linear foot No

* Services supporting academics or university operations may have lower rates. Contact Tom Schilb for more information.

** Community members must pre-pay for charges over $20.00.

Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you can find answers to frequently asked questions about the jaX Makerspace.


What is a Makerspace?

A makerspace is a place dedicated to making things. To that end, the jaX Makerspace provides access to equipment and technologies both new and old, as well as the space to plan and execute projects.

Where is the Makerspace?

The jaX Makerspace is in room 2109 in the University Commons building, accessible through the library. Turn right when you enter the library, and look for the jaX Makerspace logo.

When is the Makerspace open?

Current opening hours can be found here.

Why does the library have a Makerspace?

Libraries are in the business of providing access to information. The Makerspace provides a place to apply the information found in the library to create a finished product. Through trial-and-error, persistence, and a spirit of adventure, makers become familiar with new technologies and explore creative solutions that build marketable skills and extend classroom learning.

Who can use the Makerspace?

The jaX Makerspace supports curriculum and student success at University of Houston-Victoria. Like the rest of the library, the Makerspace is open to the public, but community members not affiliated with the university may expect student priority for equipment and reserved spaces, as well as higher printing prices. NOTE: Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times in the makerspace and may not use equipment unsupervised.

Can non-students use the Makerspace?

Yes, UHV faculty and staff are encouraged to use the Makerspace. For people not affiliated with the university, see the question above.

Can the Makerspace help me with my business?

The jaX Makerspace operates in accordance with UHV's Acceptable Use Policy which prohibits the use of university technology for personal or corporate profit.

When will my prints be ready?

Makerspace staff make every effort to complete print requests in a timely fashion. Most prints are ready within two (2) business days. However, we are unable to provide updates on the progress of any prints. You will be notified via email when your print is complete.


When should Makerspace instruction happen?

The answer to this question depends on your class's needs.

If you expect students to... Schedule your instruction session for:
...use the Makerspace throughout the semester The beginning of the semester
...use a specific piece of equipment for a single assignment The same week you introduce the assignment in groups on an assignment in a single class session The day and time your class group meets
...develop their project organically using a variety of equipment At least three weeks before the project is due

It sometimes happens that students wait until the last moment to complete their assignment. The Makerspace might not be able to accommodate equipment access for large groups of students without appointments, so it is important for faculty to set the proper expectations. Students are encouraged to reserve equipment as early as possible with enough time to complete their work.

How far in advance should I request maker instruction?

You should request maker instruction at least a week in advance for two reasons. First, instruction requests are met at a first come first serve basis, so you may not be able to get the date or location that you prefer if you wait. Second, the Makerspace Librarian prepares tailored instruction material for each class. It takes at least a week to plan the best possible lesson plan and activities.

Do I have to accompany my students?

It is not required that you accompany your students during a maker instruction session, but it is highly recommended. Your attendance is valued because it shows students that what they are about to learn is important.

Why does the Makerspace Librarian ask me for so much information?

When you request makerspace instruction, the makerspace librarian will likely ask you for your syllabus and any assignments that your students will be working toward. The librarian uses the syllabus and the assignment to see what types of sources your students will need, which technologies to choose for examples, and the equipment that will be most useful for your students.

Who can I contact with questions about maker instruction?

Contact the Makerspace Librarian:
Tom Schilb, MLS
(361) 570-4143

What sorts of topics can maker instruction cover?

  • Comparing different fabrication technologies and in which contexts their use would be appropriate
  • Finding specific types of models, patterns, or instructional resources
  • Developing effective project plans
  • Exploring new creation skills and artistic methods

Where does maker instruction take place?

Maker instruction can take place in the jaX Makerspace, the library's instruction lab (holds 30 students) or in a classroom on the Victoria campus. If the class is too large for the Makerspace, instruction can take place in your classroom. Optimally, students will have access to computers during planning sessions so that they can have hands-on participation in what they are learning. Depending on the nature of the project, more or less physical space may be required.

Will maker instruction take up my whole class period?

It doesn't have to! A typical maker session takes about 50-60 minutes, but the Makerspace Librarian will work with you to determine how much of the class period you would like to dedicate. Topics may require more or less time depending on the content and depth of instruction.

I don't have time this semester to commit any class time to maker instruction. Are there any other options to familiarize my students with maker literacy and Makerspace services?

If you don't have any time to dedicate to face-to-face maker instruction in your class, there are other options for you and your students. The Makerspace Librarian can work with you to figure out what concepts you want your students to learn and then create online tutorials and videos that you can link to on your course content. Instructors may also require students to have one-on-one or group research consultations with the Makerspace staff outside of class time.