Study and Conference Rooms

The 3rd floor of the Library has been designated as a quiet zone for individual study. Study rooms along the perimeter of that floor provide the quiet and isolation sometimes necessary for intense study and reading. There are also many tables, booths, pods and carrels available for use throughout the library. There are 3 open rooms that overlook the 2nd floor that are available to use without a reservation.

If you sit in a room and do not check it out, be aware that you may be asked to move if the room is reserved.

There are study rooms on 2nd and 3rd. 2110 is a larger room (14) available to groups of 6 or more. Group study rooms require at least 3 students present to check in. Please check in upon arrival or your booking may be cancelled.

Students may book a study room online or at the Circulation Desk (361-570-4177) on the 2nd floor of University Commons up to 48 hrs in advance. Rooms may be renewed at the Circ Desk if available. Bookings must be confirmed by an email link or they will be cancelled. 
You must have a current student ID to checkout a study room. Student email is required to book a room.