Student Computer Access

There are computers available in the library (2nd floor of University Commons). UHV students login with their student accounts while all other users login using the barcode on the back of their student ID or library card and a custom PIN set up at the Circulation Desk. The university supports the Microsoft Office Suite, Chrome, Firefox and software necessary for Blackboard. Email, other than Internet mail, is not supported.

 Students are expected to comply with the Library's Computer Acceptable Use Policy. Students are also bound by campus computer use policies:

Wireless Internet Access is available for students, staff, and faculty throughout University Commons. Visitors may access the open wireless network.

Library Software

All public computers within the library have the following software:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Access
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Adobe Reader
  • VLC Media Player

In addition to the software listed above, jaX Makerspace offers the following software:

  • 3D modeling software
    • Ultimaker Cura
    • Netfabb
    • Simplify3D
  • Audio / Video Editing
    • Adobe Premiere
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Audtion
    • Camtasia 9
  • Accessibility
    • Aumas-VGA Multi-Puropose Video Magnifier
    • JAWS 18.0
    • Keys-U-See Keyboard
    • Kurzweil 3000
    • ZoomText 9.1

Lockdown Browser

Lock Down Browser - is an computer application which allows for "locking down" a web browser, making parts of it inoperable. This program is used in testing applications in WEBCT and possibly Canvas.. Tests must be specifically designed with LockDown Browser.

Lockdown Browser is available for UHV students on computers in the Instruction Lab (2103) and in Jax Makerspace. Since it is institution-based, it is not available to VC students or the public. 

Instructions for downloading and using the Browser can be found at UHV Elearning.



The library does not support the Honorlock browser extension. VC students should contact the IT department at Victoria College for help.