Type Physical Electronic
Books, periodical backfiles, government documents, & other materials (titles) 96,645 102,684
Media - audiobooks, DVD, CD, microform (titles) 3,734 66,929
Full-text journals    175,266
Electronic resources (databases)   208
Archives, manuscripts (linear feet) 2,247  

*collection counts represent the combined holdings of the University of Houston-Victoria Library and Victoria College Library

Access Services

Check-out of physical materials 

e-Book & e-media use 16,614
Journal article downloads 290,770
Interlibrary Loan - items borrowed 1,492
Interlibrary Loan - items loaned 623 home page views 61,073 A-Z database page views 23,535
Subject Guide views 47,862
Topic Guide views 91,164
JaxMakerspace guide views 4,419
Course guide views 7,585
all other library web pages 15,052
Victoria Regional History ( page views 28,824 

*usage statistics of the library's website ( are provided by the Library's content management system -LibGuides CMS,
usage statistics of the Victoria Regional History Center are provided by Google Analytics

Information Services and Instruction
Information Services to Individuals (chat, reference interactions, email) 2,654
Classroom instruction session 16
Webinar instruction (Explore Your Roar Workshops 7


Computers & Study Rooms
Study Room Bookings 5,638
Public Computer logins 5,104


Staff (FTE)
Librarians 8
Library Assistants/Support Staff 12
Student Assistants 6

*There were several unfilled positions during the year.

Top Databases by FT Download (Item Requests)
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Business Source Complete
New York Times
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Top Databases by Page Views
New York Times
Victoria Advocate
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