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Open Educational Resources: OER Collections

Big List of Resources

Open Educational Resource Collections

Open Educational Resource repositories listed here cover a wide variety of educational disciplines.  They include OERs targeted at both primary and secondary students.  

  • OER Commons ( Curating best in class learning materials from around the world since 2007.  The OER Commons is a single search source that pulls from multiple OER collections, including MERLOT and Connexions.  It is a great first step in an OER search, but often more results can be found by searching the specific collection.  
    • Users can create collections of existing content and create their own content pages to share.
    • The OER Commons is a supported by ISKME (the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education).
    • Recommended by Librarians for the Business, Education, History, Life Sciences, Psychology and Sociology subject areas. 
  • OpenStax CNX (formerly Connexions) ( includes lectures, assignments, and written educational materials.  Content can be created in the Connexions interface and housed within the Connections servers.  Users can create collections of existing content and create their own content pages to share.  
    • Connexions also houses the CollegeOpenStax textbooks, allowing users to create customized versions of the books - selecting specific content and adding their own.
    • This collection is hosted and supported by Rice University since 1999, with grants from  William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Maxfield Foundation, and the Connexions Consortium.
    • This sites is not recommended by Librarians for any specific subject areas.  Though it is recommended for the OpenStax Textbooks.
  • MERLOT ( is a free and open peer reviewed collection of online teaching and learning materials and faculty-developed services contributed and used by an international education community. MERLOT was opened in 1997 and is supported by the California State University System.  
    • MERLOT does not house content, but is a collection of links to other content.  The materials can be ranked and many are peer-reviewed.  There are discipline specific Communities that curate and review the content.  
    • You can create and share personal collections of content links.
    • Recommended by Librarians for the Business, Education, Music, Political Science and Sociology subject areas.  
  • OpenWashington - (  is a site designed to help you understand the OER movement and find OER.  They have links for finding textbooks, content, images and video, as well as stories from faculty who have adopted OER in their classrooms.  
  • Orange Grove ( is a online library of openly available instructional resources for Florida's educators. 
    • The Orange Grove does not house content, but is a collection of links to other content.
    • Only Florida educators are allowed to have registered accounts, but anyone can search for and use content linked in the Grove.  Some resources are only available to registered users. 
    • This site is predominantly focused on K-12 content but there are links to content useful for introductory courses. 

This is not a complete list, and this list will be periodically updated. 



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