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Open Educational Resources: Finding Images & Video

Finding Open Images

Google Image Search – will help you find results from Flickr, Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, and general web pages

  • you can take advantage of the advanced image search, to refine your searching and to select a CC licensing you prefer in two ways..
  • Use the licensing filter
    1. Once you type in your search term, you will get an initial set of results
    2. you will have a list of filters on the top of the page, click on Search Tools
    3. use the licensing pull-down filter named Usage Rights to select the Creative Commons license you wish to search for. 

Use the Google Advanced Search

  • at the bottom of the advanced search page, you can use the Usage Rights pull down to select the Creative Commons license you wish to search for.


Reminder – even though you filter, check on the actual image site to be sure of the CC licensing or user permissions.

Video Collections


Library Resources


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