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Open Educational Resources: UHV OER Initiative


This program was developed by the UHV Textbook Access Committee to support the development of OER resources at UHV while also offering faculty an opportunity to gain service credit by participating in the OER Resource and Mentor Program. Many faculty at UHV are aware of the challenges that first generation students face and have already developed undergraduate OER classes because of the numerous benefits they provide students and faculty alike. This program highlights those faculty and increases the visibility of OER at UHV.  

By being an OER Mentor faculty are agreeing to be available for monthly meetings with new faculty, existing faculty, and adjuncts who are interested in developing a course based on the OER resources you have identified. Alternatively, faculty can choose to only make existing OER materials available to new faculty, existing faculty, and adjuncts.  


Faculty can indicate their interest in participating in this program by filling out this form by March 15, 2023. Your responses will be added to the participants chart below. Contact Lori Bryan or Nicole Eugene if there are any questions or errors in the information on this webpage.  

By joining the program, you are agreeing to answer a brief end-of-semester survey that will ask if you were contacted about providing OER resources or mentorship to faculty or adjuncts at UHV and to get feedback about the program. Each semester, we will reach out to contact participants about their interest in continuing in the program. 

Current Faculty Participants

These are undergraduate faculty who have experience with creating a course using OER materials or free materials and are either willing to provide these resources to other UHV faculty or they will provide both mentorship and resources to support other faculty in developing and implementing courses that utilize free materials or OER materials.  

Faculty Email Course Materials Role
Nicole Eugene COMM 3325-Professional Communication/SPCH 1315-Fundamentals of Public Speaking Various (OER readings, YouTube playlist, grading rubrics, assignments, syllabus) Resources & Mentor

If you would like to prepare to teach a class with the help of any of the OER resources or mentors above, please feel free to reach out to the faculty listed above.