*Staff Directory - Click on the staff member's name to send an email message
Vacant VRHC Research Assistant 361-570-4175
Allen, Bob Photography Assistant Darkroom: 361-573-3291 ext. 3380, Office: 361-570-4168
Bryan, Lori Head, Reference and Access Services 361-570-4161
Crockett, Gail Head, Technical Services 361-570-4165
Garcia, Darrion Interlibrary Loan Associate 361-570-4163
Garcia, Greg Circulation Supervisor 361-570-4162
Gonzalez, Eden Library Support Technician, Makerspace 361-570-4174
Guion, Michael Circulation Assistant 361-570-4197
Hawken, Theresa Administrative Assistant 361-570-4151
Hickey, Alexis Instruction & Outreach Librarian 361-570-4176
Kelly, Kim Senior Secretary 361-570-4157
Kelly, Kristen Senior Library Associate 361-570-4164
Locher, Karen Director 361-570-4170
Manson, Jaena Online Learning Librarian   281-396-3783
McCulley, JoAnna Catalog Librarian 361-570-4203
Oliver, Kevin Research Asst, VRHC 361-570-4175
Rodriguez, Brittany Special Collections Librarian 361-570-4169
Schilb, Thomas Makerspace Librarian 361-570-4143
Stewart, Jennifer Victoria College Library Director 361-485-6850
Warren, Amber Library Associate 361-570-4167
Wiest, Simone Cataloging Assistant 361-570-4158
Wisofsky, Tami eResources Librarian 361-570-4195