The Research Poster

The poster is a common tool used by scholar's to present their research/academic work. Posters can be an effective, visual, and inviting way to share work with others. There are many helpful tips about creating a research poster on the web. This page will provide some of the top tips and sites that can help you create a successful poster.

Before you start on your poster, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. What are the most interesting/important findings from your research? What ways is your persona unique?
  2. What are some non-textual ways I can convey information on my poster?
  3. What information can I share during my presentation instead of putting it on my poster?

By thinking about these questions as you being the poster designing process, you can set yourself up for a visually pleasing and effective poster.

Design Help for Research Posters

The following resources have information on how to design a research poster. You can also search research posters on Google images to find thousands of examples. Be careful though, not all of the images are ones that follow correct design guidelines. 

What to Use to Create Your Research Poster

You can use robust software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to create research posters, but those require more of a learning curve. The easiest software to use to create a research poster is PowerPoint. Many people are already somewhat familiar with PowerPoint and it doesn't have as high of a learning curve as more advanced design software. 

As a UHV student, you have access to Office 365, which includes PowerPoint through the university.