Design Ideas for Infographics

These resources have examples of infographics. These can help you find inspiration, as well as get ideas for formatting your infographic. It can be helpful to see how others format certain information.

Note that these lists were found from around the web and are meant to provide design ideas. These sources were not vetted for the accuracy of their infographics. 

What to Use to Create Your Infographic

There are many infographic software programs out there, some free and some not. You can use robust software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, but those require more of a learning curve. The follow resources are free (with paid options) and are meant to be used by those who may not have a lot of design experience. 


As a UHV Student, you have access to PowerPoint, both through the browser in Office 365 and downloaded as a desktop application. You can create infographics in PowerPoint. PowerPoint has easy to use graphs to represent numerical information and has a new icon library.