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Fake News: Critical Thinking

Your guide to critically and confidently navigating today's information landscape.

Traits of a Critical Thinker

1. Recognizes their own bias

Humans are prone to be less critical of something if it seems to align with our viewpoints. Watch the video in the box on the right to learn more about the phenomenon called "confirmation bias."

2. Looks at information with a bit of skepticism

Here are some questions you can ask of information: Who wrote the information? What are their credentials? Is the information current? Where does the information come from? Are there cited sources? If there are links, where do they take you? Does it look like it was designed to be attention-grabbing?

3. Consults experts

We can't know everything and that is why it is important to consult experts when considering the credibility of information online. Expertise changes depending on the context of information. For example, neurosurgeons are highly educated, but they most likely aren't the experts for the latest information in politics. They would, of course, be the experts if you needed to get brain surgery. 

Protecting Yourself from Bias