Gaming Systems

1 Playstation 4 console

2 Xbox 360 consoles

Gaming systems are available for checkout to UHV and VC students for use in the library or the Game Room, University Commons 1st floor. 

Extra controllers are available for checkout upon request.


Video Games


  • PS$--Anthem
  • PS4--Marvel: Spider-Man
  • PS4--Death Stranding
  • PS4--The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • PS4--Fallout 4
  • PS4--God of War
  • PS4--Just Cause 3
  • PS4--Mortal Kombat 11
  • PS4--Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
  • PS4--Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection
  • PS4--Fallout 4
  • Xbox 360--Kanjo-Kazooie
  • Xbox 360--Injustice: Gods Among Us
  • Xbox 360--Just Dance 2017
  • Xbox 360--Just Dance 2019
  • Xbox 360--Pro Evolutin Soccer 2017
  • Xbox 360--Viva Pinata 

Board and Card Games

The library has a selection of board games and card games that are available for checkout by UHV or VC students. Games include:

  • Scrabble
  • Monopoly
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Apples to Apples
  • What Do You Meme?
  • and many more!


We have dice and several D&D manuals available for checkout to UHV and VC students. Ask for them at the Service Desk in the Library.

  • 35 polyhedral dice
  • Player's Handbook
  • Monster Manual
  • Dungeon Master's guide