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CUIN 6305 - Graduate Education (Patton)


This guide was designed to help you connect you to resources for your paper in CUIN 6305. Remember that if you have a question about any of the resources on this guide or any questions that extend beyond the reach of the guide, please reach out to the library for help!

Getting Started with Research

Research is an iterative process, it contains repetition. It is helpful to think of the steps you will complete while researching as a circle rather than a straight line.

In the past, you may have considered research as a linear process. Your professor assigns a research project, you pick a topic, find and read sources, write and edit your paper, and then turn it in. In actuality, the research process is a lot messier than this.

We should consider the research process as something that occurs cyclically. Even something as seemingly straightforward as choosing a topic is a part of the research process that requires reconsideration and reevaluation. I challenge you to consider the research process a bit more like this:

Your professor assigns a research project, you select a topic that is interesting to you, and you test that topic by beginning to research and considering the 5W's in regard to your topic (Who, What, Where, When, Why). You determine keywords and conduct specialized searches. You find, read, and evaluate resources. Throughout this process, you should come back to your topic to reevaluate its relevance and usability. Maybe you're finding too many broad sources and need to narrow your topic. Or maybe, you're not finding enough, or anything at all. At this stage in the research process you should be shifting your topic and research question to that which will make the most compelling writing and research for you. Even when you go on to write and edit your paper, you may find yourself going back to this stage in the research process to continue to find, evaluate, and test topics or research questions. 

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