Using APA PsycINFO

Advanced Searching

By using the Advanced Search features, found under the search bar in the Search Options section, you can refine your search to be even more relevant to your research needs. 


  • Limit by Publication Year to find resources that were published within a specific time period
  • Check Peer Reviewed to get only materials that have been published in a peer reviewed journal.
  • Other limiters include: Age Group, Population Group, Document type and Methodology


Use PsycINFO's thesaurus (located on along the top of the database page) to find the controlled vocabulary term for PsycINFO. For example, if you wanted to know whether to search for PTSD or Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, you can search in the thesaurus to find out the appropriate term. By finding the right term, you can be sure to find the most relevant materials to your research topic.

Screenshot of PsycINFO thesaurus with yellow circle around it

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