How to find resources?

Primary source research is not fast. This type of research can take time, so be patient with yourself and ensure you have allotted enough time to be successful in your research.

Linked below are a number of research collections specifically containing information about African American individuals throughout American history. Click through them and either browse or search via keyword for specific items.

Remember, just because you tried one search and didn't achieve results, this doesn't mean what you are looking for doesn't exist. You might have to try various keywords, even some historical terms, or try searching in various places before you are successful with your search. 

Primary Sources Online

Primary Sources through the UHV Library

You can find primary sources in things like books and anthologies. Books can contain diaries, letters, and other types of primary sources. In our library catalog (see the search box below) you can search the following keywords to find primary source material on U.S. slavery topics. Note that these are just ideas to get you started and not all of the keywords that might work:

  • Slave narratives
  • Slavery Personal narratives
  • Slaveholders Diaries
  • Slaves' writing

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Primary Sources at the Victoria Regional History Center

The Barry A. Crouch Collection is located in the Victoria Regional History Center in the UHV Library. This collection consists of Mr. Crouch's research notes, monographs, and historical records created or collected by Dr. Crouch throughout his career.

A large part of the Barry A. Crouch Collection consists of information on the Freedmen's Bureau, reconstruction and slavery.