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OneSearch is our platform that searches our catalog and nearly half of our databases at one time. You can find books, eBooks, journal articles, and more in OneSearch. You can use the search box below to search in OneSearch. 

If you want to do a more specific search, you can go individually into databases that have performing arts information in them. Here is a list of databases that you can try:

Find Books

If you're only looking for books or eBooks, you should use the library catalog. You can search by title, author or keyword to find a certain book or books on a certain topic. 

Want to Browse?

Browsing, like in a book store, is sometimes the best way to find interesting books on your topic. You can do this in person at the UHV Library and the Victoria College Library. In libraries, we use call numbers to organize books by subject. Here are the call number ranges, or sections on the shelf, where you are likely to find books on performing arts.

  • GV1580-1799.4 - Dancing
  • MT955-956 - Musical theater
  • MT960 - Music in the theater
  • PN1530 - The monologue
  • PN 1551 - The dialogue
  • PN1560-1590 - The performing arts
  • PN1600-3307 - Drama
    • PN1720-1861 - History
    • PN1990-1992.92 - Broadcasting
    • PN1993-1999 - Motion pictures
    • PN2000-3307 - Dramatic representation. The theater

How are you supposed to use a call number? Write down the call number or call number range you'd like to explore. At the end of our bookshelves are markers that tell you what call number ranges are on that particular shelf. They are organized alphabetically and then numerically. So for example, you would go to the Hs. Then the HFs then HF5601 and so on until you found the specific call number or call number range. If you need help finding a call number, you can get help at the Ask a Librarian desk on the second floor.

Historical Information/Primary Sources

The Library of Congress has great performing arts resources made freely available online.