Know What You are Looking At

When you read the Mental Measurements Yearbook online, it can be difficult to know exactly what information you are looking at. Use the screen shot and descriptions below to help you navigate the online resource.

The online record is divided into 4 parts:

  1. Information about the original test
  2. Review of the test with the reviewing author's name
  3. Full text of the review
  4. Reviewer's list of references

Please note that there may be more than one review in the online record. You must play close attention to the full text to know what review you are reading and who the author of the review is so that your citation (in-text and work cited) will be correct.

Screen Shot

At the top of the page is information about the original study. The author, publication date, publisher, etc pertain to the original study. The original study is the primary source. Do not use any of the links in the right column to create a citation. They are NOT correct.

For each test, there may be more than one review. It is not easy to distinguish between the different reviews in the full text, so you must pay attention. If there is more than one review the order of the full text should be: Title of the first review - Full text of the first review - First reviewer's references - Title of the second review - Full text of the second review - Second reviewer's reference and so on.

For this test, there are two reviews by two different authors. In your in-text citation and on your works cited page, you must cite the correct review. This is especially important if you are including a direct quotation in your paper. The screen shots below show the title and author information for each review.