Red Call Numbers

AN311.V5A3T24 - The Victoria Advocate: A History of Texas' Second Oldest Continuous Newspaper, 1846-1888 by Geraldine Fisher Talley

Title page for thesisPublication Date: 1967

Geraldine Fischer Talley was a professor at Victoria College. She wrote this history as her graduate thesis for Trinity University. Talley was inspired to write this thesis due to an interest in the history of Texas and the city of Victoria. The thesis focuses on recording the history of the paper, showing how events influenced the newspaper and how the newspaper influenced its subscribers.

F392.V5 - 300 Years in Victoria County by Roy Grimes 

300 Years in Victoria County coverPublication Date: 1968

This book covers three hundred years of history in Victoria County from 1685 to the twentieth century.

HQ1236.5.G7S55 - British Women's Suffrage Campaign by Harold Smith

British Women's Suffrage Campaign book cover

Publication Date: 1998

Dr. Harold Smith traces the British women's suffrage campaign from its origins in the 1860s through to the achievement of equal suffrage in 1928. Dr. Smith taught at UHV's history department for 37 years and won the UHV Teaching Excellence Award twice.

LD2281.H7339 - University of Houston-Victoria

UHV Center buildingThis is the call number start for any book relating to the University of Houston-Victoria. UHV was established in 1973 with a main campus in Victoria, Texas. Now, UHV also has a campus in Katy, TX.

PS3503.E5325T84 - Twenty-five Short Stories by Stephen Vincent Benet

Cover of Twenty five short storiesPublication Date: 1943

This book of short stories was the first book accessioned, or added to the collection, by the Victoria College library. Stephen Vincent Benet was an American poet, short story writier, and novelist. He was best known for John Brown's Body, a book length narrative poem about the American Civil War, which won the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry in 1929.

QL737.C23 - Jaguars 

Jaguar laying on the groundThis is the call number start for books about jaguars. Jax the Jaguar is UHV's mascot. UHV students have the nickname of Jaguars. Many buildings around the UHV campus feature Jaguar in the name: Jaguar Hall, Jaguar Suites, and Jaguar Court. Go Jags!

TT220.H84 - Hand Forged for Texas Cowboys by Kurt House

Cover of Hand forged for texas cowboysPublication Date: 2001

This book is a history of Texas bit and spur making with a focus on the Bianchi's, an Italian emigrant family from Victoria, Texas. Joe Bianchi was a world class spur maker who immigrated to Victoria in 1885. Bianchi's spur style because known as the Victoria Shank or bottle-opener spur, which is still used today by collectors. 

UG634.5.F75A33 - Foster Field, 1941 by Robert Adams

This home movie footage was filmed by Robert Adams, first graduate of the first graduating class of 1941 at Foster Field. The fifteen minute movie segment is in color but has no audio. The film shows training airplanes taking off and landing and an aerial view of 1941 Victoria. While the first fifteen minutes of the tape focus on Victoria, the tape also contains footage of North Carolina, Washington, D.C., and New York. The tape concludes with overseas footage of Palestine and Egypt. 

Z701.L32 - Book Repair: A How-To-Do-It Manual by Kenneth Lavender 

Book Repair coverKen Lavender was a librarian at UHV. This manual provides step-by-step instructions on cleaning, mending, hinge and spine repair, strengthening paperbacks and more. Other topics include water damaged books, mold and mildew, repairing book linings, using acid free materials in repairs, lining paper objects, affordable tools and supplies. It is not currently available.