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READ Posters

by Lori Bryan on 2024-04-10T11:25:39-05:00 | 0 Comments

UHV Library is proud to announce the release of READ Posters to celebrate National Library Week! These postures feature individuals and groups from UHV with books that are meaningful to them. Honorees are selected by librarians based on how they embody Jaguar Pillars, a recent UHV tradition. The posters are displayed in the Library on the 2nd Floor.

The American Library Association began featuring celebrities on READ posters in 1985. According to the ALA, celebrities "donate their time and use of their photograph. They select their own book." The UHV campus personalities featured here have done the same.

Student Government Association

Jaguar Pillar: United

The Student Government Association (SGA) embodies the idea of unity, bringing students together to effect positive change across the campus. SGA leaders are elected by the student body to represent their needs to the wider educational community and commit to serving all students.


Jaguar Pillar: Courageous

As UHV's mascot, jaX the Jaguar is a representation of the courage students must employ while meeting their learning goals. Whether leading the charge at athletic events or bringing smiles to the campus between classes, jaX encourages all to be fearless in the pursuit of excellence.

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