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Thinking Critically About Sources Activity: Home

Flint Water Crisis Sources

Let's say you are writing a paper on the Flint Water Crisis, which started in 2014. You are doing research and below are 4 sources that might be useful for your paper.

Using the criteria we developed, fill out the Thinking Critically about Sources worksheet.

  1. "When the Water Turned Brown" by Abby Goodnough, Monica Davey, and Mitch Smith
  2. "'We're Not Victims, We're Fighters:' Interview with Flint Water Activist Melissa Mays" by Stacey Parker Le Melle
  3. Tweet by Dayne Walling
  4. "IQ and Blood Lead from 2 to 7 Years of Age: Are the Effects in Older Children the Residual of High Blood Lead Concentrations in 2-Year-Olds?" by Aimin Chen, et. al.