Finding Test Information

This page provides resources that can help you find test information. Although a lot of test information is available on Google or Wikipedia, it can be hard to tell if those resources are trustworthy. The following library resources have trustworthy resources to find test information. These resources can help you with the following sections of your paper:

  • Name of the test
  • Purpose of the test
  • The Manual
  • The Development of the Test
  • Test Administration
  • Norm Information

Mental Measurements Yearbook provides all of the above information, including reliability and validity information.

The Buros Institute

The Buros Institute was established in 1938 by Oscar K. Buros.  Its mission is to improve tests and testing practices by providing thorough and objective reviews of psychometric tests and measurements. 

The Institute publishes two main publications - The Mental Measurements Yearbook and Tests in Print (access to these resources is found elsewhere on this page.)