Finding Literature on Your Theory

For this assignment, you will also have to find research that discusses the validity and reliability of your test. You can find these scholarly sources through our library databases. Below is a list of databases that the library subscribes to that has psychology resources in them.

Searching tips:

  • Use the most important words when you do a search, otherwise known as keywords. For you, you would use your test name.
  • Remember that many tests are referred to by acronyms. For example, the Graduate Records Examination is often referred to as the GRE. Make sure when you are search that you try both the acronym for a test and its full name.
  • Let's say you are doing your paper on the GRE or the Graduate Records Examination. If you typed in Graduate Records Examination into a database, it would find any article that has Graduate somewhere in it, Records and Examination. If you want to search it as a phrase, so only articles that have Graduate Records Examination together, put quotations around it before you search "Graduate Records Examination"
  • Use OR to search terms that are synonyms or alike so you don't have to do two separate searches. For example search GRE OR "Graduate Records Examination." That will find any articles with that use either of those names.
  • Add in other keywords to refine your search. For your assignment, you will have to find research that talks about the validity and the reliability of the test.
    • Some keywords to try:
      • validity
      • reliability
      • accuracy
      • effectiveness

Finding articles