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Study Room Policies

  1. 1. Study Rooms can only be checked out with a current VC/UHV library card
  2. a. Groups have priority over individuals
  3. b. Students, faculty, and staff have priority over non-affiliated members.
  1. 2. Time Period
  2. a. Rooms check out for 2 hours at a time
  3. b. Rooms can be renewed for one additional check out period unless others are waiting.
  4. c. Keys stay in the building at all times.
  5. i. If leaving for a short time, leave the key at the Media Desk and pick it up upon return.
  1. 3. Reservations
  2. a. Rooms may be reserved up to 48 hours in advance. Please notify us if you are unable to come.
  3. b. Reservations made on a continuing basis are allowed only by Faculty.
  1. 4. Library Policy
  2. a. All Library Policies apply.
  3. i. Drinks are allowed in closed containers.
  4. ii. Snacks like those obtained in the basement are allowed; outside food is not allowed.
  1. 5. This policy does not apply to Rooms L-2 and 304
  2. a. For Room L-2 reservations, see Circulation.
  3. b. For Room 304 reservations, see a librarian.

Revised 19 March 2015