Be Objective

When evaluating information and deciding what to include in your literature review, you need to be objective. You should:

  • Keep an open mind
  • Examine the topic from different viewpoints
  • Avoid neglecting information that contradicts with your own viewpoint
  • Represent all sides of the topic

Questions to Consider

When evaluating information you want to include in the literature review, it is important to critically examine each piece of information (book, article, government document, etc.). Here is a small set of questions you should ask yourself about each source:

  • Who funded the research project?
  • Who conducted the research?
  • When and where was the study carried out?
  • What were the political, socio-economic, religious, etc. conditions at the time of the research? 
  • Is the methodology sound? What testing procedures, subjects or materials were used? 

You can also check out our guide about evaluating resources for more information.