Google Scholar - What is it?

Google Scholar is a great companion to library research. Google Scholar allows you to search scholarly material across disciplines in a way that is familiar and fast.

It is important to note that Google Scholar is a great searching tool, but often times it will not have the full text of material available to you for free. Google Scholar will provide you information about an item but unless the item is freely available online, you will only be able to see the citation information and sometimes an abstract. Scholarly material is expensive and that places like libraries pay for you to have access to them.

You can connect Google Scholar to the UHV Library so that it automatically tells you whether or not the full text is available through the library. Google Scholar searches a variety of documents including articles, theses, books, abstracts, court opinions, technical reports, patents, and more. 

Google Scholar Search

Benefits & Drawbacks


  • Find material that does not show up when you search UHV Library materials
  • Can help you identify journals or authors connected to a particular topic
  • Search results provide information on books and articles in one search Will help you find full citation information


  • Full text is not widely available so UHV Library resources must be used to retrieve the full text
  • Cannot limit your search research like you can with library resources

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