Why should you care who wins public office?

Most American over the age of 18 have the ability to vote, but that hasn't always been the case. Throughout the history of the United States both women and minorities have fought for, and won, the right to vote. By voting, you are using your voice to show how you think your city, state, and federal government should be run. 

The people who are in power in our government, at every level, have the ability to affect your quality of life. Here are some examples of the responsibilities that fall to different levels of government in the U.S.A.:

  • City Government:
    • City Facilities such as Parks and Libraries
    • Police Department
    • Trash Collection, Sewer, and Water
  • County Government 
    • County airports
    • Roads
    • Sheriff
    • Animal Control
    • County Jail
  • State Government
    • Governor's Office
    • State legislation 
    • DMV
    • State Licensing 
  • Federal Government
    • National Legislation (for all 50 states)
    • National Defense
    • Federal organizations like the FDA, EPA, etc.

Your vote can impact how these responsibilities are run and the impact they might have on your life!

Voting History Resources

Learn more about the history of voting in America. Voting rights have changed drastically over time, and understanding the history of the right to vote for all Americans over the age of 18, can help you see how important it is to exercise your vote!