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Using EBSCO eBook Collection: Downloading eBooks to PC or MAC

Before you get started

1.  You must have established a My EBSCOHost account.  To do this, click "My EBSCOhost" in the top toolbar of the screen in any EBSCO database.

2.  You must have downloaded and installed Adobe Digital Editions on your PC or MAC. We recommend using the most recent version of Digital Editions installed. This is a free download.

Download eBooks on your Computer (PC or MAC)

Some of the books in our eBook Collection from EBSCO are available for download to computers and mobile devices. This will allow you to checkout a book and view it offline.   The checkout period may vary between 3 days and 21 days.  You can reduce the number of days, but you cannot increase the number of days provided in the default.

Instructions for checking out and downloading EBSCO eBooks


Removing eBooks from Adobe Digital Editions

When your checkout period is expired the ebook will be "turned in", but will remain in your Adobe Digital Editions Library. The banner on the book will read "expired". Downloaded items will stay in Adobe Digital Editions until you delete them. Deleting the cover image does not delete the downloaded PDF from your computer.

To delete the cover from Adobe Digital Editions, follow these steps:

  1. Write down the title of the book you want to delete (This is important for deleting the PDF from your computer)
  2. Click on the book you want to delete (A light grey box will appear around the book and the title will turn orange)
  3. Click the Delete key on your keyboard
  4. A pop-up box will appear asking, "Are you sure you want to delete this item?"
  5. Click Delete