What type of information can I find in articles?

Articles have a very focused topic and their scope will depend on the type of article.

  • Scholarly articles
    • Written for an audience of fellow researchers/scholars and/or students in the field. It's purpose is to add research to the scholarly conversation and disseminate their findings for other researchers. They are usually written by experts in that topic/field. These articles take the longest to publish. Peer-reviewed articles are scholarly articles that are evaluated by other experts in the field.
  • Magazine articles
    • Written for a public audience and usually focuses on special topics that would be of interest to the general public, therefore has information that is less specialized. The author of the article may have some special knowledge of their topic, but they may not be experts in that topic. These articles are written more quickly and published faster than scholarly articles.
  • Newspaper articles
    • Written for a public audience with a main purpose of sharing new and noteworthy information in a timely manner. Newspaper articles are great for the most recent information on a topic. 

Since articles are written more quickly and published more frequently than books, it is likely that many of the sources in your literature review will be articles. 

Social Science & History Databases for Scholarly Articles

To start, you can try searching in OneSearch, which is our search platform that searches in our library catalog and nearly half our databases at one time. A search in OneSearch will search in multiple databases that have social science, history and teaching information in them.

If you want to get more focused results, you can try the following databases!

Magazine & Newspaper Articles

You can find magazine and newspaper articles by searching in OneSearch, but if you want to get more targeted, you can try one of the following databases. 

Magazine Articles

Newspaper Articles