Why is Census data important?

Census data is used to make real life decisions that impact your community. Census data can help communities determine where to support new businesses, build new hospitals and schools, and improve infrastructure, just to name a few. It also helps the government decide how to distribute funds to states, as well as determines how many seats each state holds in Congress. Other ways Census data has an impact are:

  • Highway construction
  • Grants for public transportation
  • Head start programs for schools
  • School lunch programs
  • Grants that support teachers and special education programs
  • Restoring wildlife 
  • Programs to prevent child abuse
  • Housing for older adults
  • Healthcare services
  • and much more!

The Census provides data not only from the decennial Census, which is the Census that happens every ten years, but also other community surveys. For example, the American Community Survey is an ongoing survey that provides yearly information about the United States. 

Where to find Census data

Data that is collected by the Census Bureau is publicly available. It is important to note that the data available is not personally identifiable data.