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Reserves Goodman: PSCI 3320

PSCI 3320


Learning Module #1: Course Introduction to Public Policy


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    Learning Module #2: United States Constitution and the Federal System


  1. United States Constitution
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    Learning Module #3: Part I of the Policy Process: Agenda Setting and Formulation


  1. Sheingate, Adam. 2003. “Political Entrepreneurship, Institutional Change, and American Political Development.” Studies in American Political Development 17: 185-203.
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    Learning Module #4: Part II of the Policy Process: Implementation, Evaluation, and Feedback


  1. Lindblom, Charles E. 1959. “The Science of ‘Muddling’ Through.” Public Administration Review 19: 79-88.
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    Learning Module #5: Economic Development in American Public Policy


  1. Bartels, Larry M. 2003. “Homer Gets a Tax Cut: Inequality and Public Policy in the American Mind.” Perspectives on Politics 3: 15-31.
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    Learning Module #6: Race and American Public Policy


  1. Bateman, David A. 2016. “Race, Party, and American Voting Rights.” The Forum 14: 39-65.
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    Learning Module #7: Social Welfare Policies


  1. Berry, William D., Richard C. Fording, and Russell L. Hanson. 2003. “Reassessing the ‘Race to the Bottom’ in State Welfare Policy.” Journal of Politics 65: 327-349.
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    Learning Module #8: The Contemporary Policy Environment


  1. Castle, Jeremiah. 2019. “New Fronts in the Culture Wars? Religion, Partisanship, and Polarization on Religious Liberty and Transgender Rights in the United States.” American Politics Research 47: 650-679.
  2. Hawes, Daniel P. and Austin Michael McCrea. 2018. “Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor and We Might Buy Them Dinner: Social Capital, Immigration, and Welfare Generosity in the American States.” Political Research Quarterly 71: 347-360.


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