Video Instructions

Students: Your syllabus tells you that you should watch some videos before classes start. The syllabus lists these as BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS SAFETY. Those videos have been replaced with a series called PREVENTING BLOODBORNE INFECTIONS

Click on the links in the box above to view those videos. If you are on campus, the videos should load and you may watch them.

If you are off campus, you will have to log in. Follow the three-step instructions on the screen. Your login is your student ID, and your password is one you have created. If you haven't done that, go to Victoria College's BanSam page/

If you have been accepted to the ADN program but you haven't ever registered at Victoria College (you have no username), you still may watch the videos in the Library. Librarians or staff will help you at the Ask a Librarian desk on the first floor or the service desk on the second floor of the Library.

Videos not working?

Try going to the Medcom landing page and navigate to the video or course from there.