Proxy Prefix

A proxy prefix should be part of all library database URL's. This prefix allows students and faculty affiliated with the Victoria College or the University of Houston-Victoria free access to the databases.

Without the proxy prefix, users trying to access databases from off-campus will not be recognized by the database vendor as a VC or UHV user.

The proxy prefix is

You may have to add this prefix to your URLs.

Dynamic vs Persistent

When you look at a full-text article in a library subscription database or at a publisher's website, the URL associated with that article is either dynamic or persistent.

A dynamic URL means the the URL was created at the time you did the search in the database that eventually brought you to the full-text article you are viewing. A dynamic URL is temporary and usually will not work when copied and tried again. So if you provide the URL to others (as in a research paper reference list,) they will not usually be able to access the information.

A persistent or durable URL will return you to the same article every time. Some vendors do a very good job of providing a persistent/durable URL, others do not. This creates a problem when you need to provide a persistent or durable URL to put into a list of references for your paper or an email, or when instructors want to put links in Blackboard. This guide will give you information you can use to create persistent/durable URL's.

Use the tabs at the top of the page to create a persistent URL for your citation. The tabs are divided by vendor, not by database name. If you need assistance, please contact the UHV Library.