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April is National Poetry Month. Check out our collection of ebooks in poetry!


Cover ArtThe Complete Old English Poems by Craig Williamson (Translator); Tom Shippey (Introduction by)
ISBN: 0812293215
Publication Date: 2017-01-31
At long last we have Craig Williamson's beautiful and haunting translations of all of the Old English poems into modern strong-stress, alliterative verse, along with his introductions, his essay on translation, and noted medievalist Tom Shippey's introduction on the literary scope and vision of these timeless poems.

The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics by Roland Greene (Editor-In-Chief); Stephen Cushman (Editor); Clare Cavanagh (Editor); Jahan Ramazani (Editor); Paul Rouzer (Editor)

ISBN: 9781400841424
Cover ArtPublication Date: 2012-08-26
The most important poetry reference for more than four decades--now fully updated for the twenty-first century Through three editions over more than four decades, The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics has built an unrivaled reputation as the most comprehensive and authoritative reference for students, scholars, and poets on all aspects of its subject: history, movements, genres, prosody, rhetorical devices, critical terms, and more. Now this landmark work has been thoroughly revised and updated for the twenty-first century. Compiled by an entirely new team of editors, the fourth edition--the first new edition in almost twenty years--reflects recent changes in literary and cultural studies, providing up-to-date coverage and giving greater attention to the international aspects of poetry, all while preserving the best of the previous volumes. At well over a million words and more than 1,000 entries, the Encyclopedia has unparalleled breadth and depth. Entries range in length from brief paragraphs to major essays of 15,000 words, offering a more thorough treatment--including expert synthesis and indispensable bibliographies--than conventional handbooks or dictionaries. This is a book that no reader or writer of poetry will want to be without. Thoroughly revised and updated by a new editorial team for twenty-first-century students, scholars, and poets More than 250 new entries cover recent terms, movements, and related topics Broader international coverage includes articles on the poetries of more than 110 nations, regions, and languages Expanded coverage of poetries of the non-Western and developing worlds Updated bibliographies and cross-references New, easier-to-use page design Fully indexed for the first time
Cover ArtThe Shaping of English Poetry - Volume IV by Gerald Morgan
ISBN: 1787076164
Publication Date: 2017-07-26
This fourth volume of essays under the title The Shaping of English Poetryconsolidates the work of the previous three volumes on the great subjects of English literature in the Medieval and Renaissance periods. The Norman Conquest of England built upon the rich foundation of Anglo-Saxon England but did not destroy it; thus the present volume begins with the commemoration of English heroism in The Battle of Maldon. In the late twelfth century we encounter in Chrétien de Troyes's seminal romance Le Chevalier de la Charretea new kind of hero in Lancelot, abject and obedient before his mistress, although Chrétien himself is not an uncritical admirer of the sanctity of adulterous love. Hence the importance of Dante's exposition of love in Purgatorio, XVIII, which forms a background to the essays here on Sir Gawain and the Green Knightand the Parliament of Fowls. The volume concludes with essays on Chaucer's Knight's, Monk's and Nun's Priest's Tales, which form part of a long-term project to interpret the Canterbury Talesas a unified whole and not merely a series of fragments awaiting revision on Chaucer's death.
Cover ArtThe Aeneid by Virgil; John Dryden (Translator)
ISBN: 9781775414896
Publication Date: 2009-04-01
Aeneas appears in The Illiad in vague snatches and starts as a traveling warrior of great piety who was loosely connected to the foundation of Rome. Virgil weaves these fragments into a powerful myth about the founding of Rome in The Aeneid. Aeneas travels from his native Troy to Italy then wages victorious war upon the Latins.
Cover ArtChilde Harold's Pilgrimage by Lord Byron; Lord Byron
ISBN: 9781775415695
Publication Date: 2009-06-01
Childe Harold's Pilgrimage was the poem which brought Lord Byron public recognition. He himself disliked the poem, because he felt it revealed too much of himself. In it a young man (called childe after the medieval term for a candidate for knighthood) travels to distant lands to relieve the boredom and weariness brought on by a life of dissipation. It is thought to be a comment on the post-Revolutionary and -Napoleonic generation, who were weary of war.
Cover ArtRime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge; Frederick H. Sykes (Editor)
ISBN: 9781775415060
Publication Date: 2009-06-01
A mariner stops a man on his way to a wedding. The mariner then relates to the man all the events of a long sea voyage, arousing in his listener feeling of impatience, fear, fascination and bemusement. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner was published in the collection Lyrical Ballads (1798), which contributed significantly to the advent of modern poetry and the beginnings of British Romantic literature.
Cover ArtThe Collected Poems of Barbara Guest by Barbara Guest; Hadley Guest (Editor)
ISBN: 9780819574510
Publication Date: 2013-09-01
The lifework of a preeminent New York School poet Winner of the SFSU Poetry Center Book Award (2010) One of the most notable members of the New York School--and its best-known woman--Barbara Guest began writing poetry in the 1950s in company that included John Ashbery, Kenneth Koch, Frank O'Hara, and James Schuyler. And from the beginning, her practice placed her at the vanguard of American writing. Guest's poetry, saturated in the visual arts, extended the formal experiments of modernism, and played the abstract qualities of language against its sensuousness and materiality. Now, for the first time, all of her published poems have been brought together in one volume, offering readers and scholars unprecedented access to Guest's remarkable visionary work. This Collected Poems moves from her early New York School years through her more abstract later work, including some final poems never before published. Switching effortlessly from the real to the dreamlike, the observed to the imagined, this is poetry both gentle and piercing--seemingly simple, but truly and beautifully dislocating.
Cover ArtBeowulf by Dick Ringler
ISBN: 9781603840316
Publication Date: 2007-01-01
Dick Ringler's deceptively simple translation captures the rhythm, movement, and power of the original Old English poem while employing a fluid modern English style and a relatively spare vocabulary. His generous Introduction, a lively yet masterly guide to the work, along with his translations of three shorter Old English poems elucidate a major English text almost as well-known for its subtlety and intricacy as it is for its monsters and heroes.

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profile-icon Lori Bryan
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UHV Library is proud to announce the release of READ Posters to celebrate National Library Week! These postures feature individuals and groups from UHV with books that are meaningful to them. Honorees are selected by librarians based on how they embody Jaguar Pillars, a recent UHV tradition. The posters are displayed in the Library on the 2nd Floor.

The American Library Association began featuring celebrities on READ posters in 1985. According to the ALA, celebrities "donate their time and use of their photograph. They select their own book." The UHV campus personalities featured here have done the same.

Student Government Association

Jaguar Pillar: United

The Student Government Association (SGA) embodies the idea of unity, bringing students together to effect positive change across the campus. SGA leaders are elected by the student body to represent their needs to the wider educational community and commit to serving all students.


Jaguar Pillar: Courageous

As UHV's mascot, jaX the Jaguar is a representation of the courage students must employ while meeting their learning goals. Whether leading the charge at athletic events or bringing smiles to the campus between classes, jaX encourages all to be fearless in the pursuit of excellence.

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