The jaX Makerspace was completed along with the rest of the library in Fall 2019 with the mission to provide a learning environment that promotes creativity, innovation, and the exploration of emerging technologies. In order to fulfill this mission we purchased, and learned to operate a wide variety of equipment including 3D printers, a Glowforge laser printer, and a 3D scanner.

After opening, we’ve worked to provide students with instruction mostly in the form of one-on-one training however; we did host two workshops on 3D printing. Many more were planned before the library closed due to health concerns. Due to new capacity restrictions we’re unable to provide normal workshops for the foreseeable future though we intend on continuing providing limited in-person training and offering virtual instruction.

A few students took it upon themselves to come up with some unique projects. A graduate student used our 3D printer to construct a smart mirror which displays information such as the date and weather within the reflection. A second student turned our Raspberry Pi mini-computer into a fully functional Amazon Alexa device.

In March 2020 the jaX Makerspace began 3D printing parts for the Aura Ventilator project, whose goal is to design inexpensive ventilators. The makerspace employees learned a great deal from the models of these parts which often required more customization than past prints.

UHV Library Campus Read Program (Spring 2020)

The Campus Read program hopes to re-establish the campus read program that was suspended several years ago. The program will consist of four sources that explore ideas and experiences related to racial and social justice. With the help of faculty and staff leaders, participants will engage with these sources with the goal of fostering a diversity of thinking, increasing awareness about current issues, and working on information literacy skills. This program will be designed to create an opportunity where all members of the campus community can engage in these issues both in and out of the classroom.

Stay Home, Stay Safe Stories

An initiative of the Victoria Regional History Center to document firsthand experiences and stories of the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.