Library Collections

Below is a breakdown of Library Collections as represented in the Library’s integrated library system and based on IPEDS requirements (see note below). Please note that the Victoria College Library reports to IPEDS as a “child” library of UHV. For IPEDS reports, the two collections are combined to a single number.

UHV Library
Books - print 81,842
EBooks 85,484
Media 53,905
Victoria College Library
Books - Print 14,083
Media 1,435

The UHV Library provides access to over 131 databases, which include 116,668 full text journals.

* Note – statistical reporting requirements of library collections continue to evolve as the standards for library collection change. Recently the counts shifted from number of items to number of titles. This change is because eBooks do not have a volume number count. A newer change is that we longer report what books we own, but what we have access to in our electronic resources. That access is mostly via subscription model.