1904 Central High School Girls' Basketball Team - eight girls

The picture to the right is of the Red Imps—1904 girls’ basketball team of Central High School in Victoria.

This photograph is one of over 3,287 images that have been added to the Victoria Regional History Center’s Digital Collections in the last 12 months. Librarian Grant Shaw and Student Assistant Favour Okwuchukwu have been selecting from over 20,000 photographs in the History Center’s collections. In this year long project they have selected photographs from our photograph database which were taken prior to 1910. The photographs were scanned, cleaned up a bit, and the descriptions transcribed into ContentDM, the digital collections server in the Cloud. In addition to photographs, our Digital Collections boast scanned images of the VC Jolly Roger student newspaper and Pirate annuals, along with The UHV student newspaper, the Armadillo Gazette.