"The only thing constant is change" - Heraclitus (in Greek "panta rhei")

Technological changes this year have been a strange mixture of good and not-so-good. Some of the projects for technology are:

  • Migration of Horizon Library Online Information System to Software-as-a-Service - In other words, the Library checkout and cataloging system is now in the cloud.
  • Office 365 - This doesn't sound like much. But the migration to Office 365 which started with Outlook, made tremendous changes in internal library communication methods. Changes to calendaring for staff assignments at service desk, growing use of Microsoft Teams, and use of Microsoft Planner are just a few examples of workflows changing with new technologies.
  • LibData and GoPrint - The loss of session control software PCCOP, which was used for patron login and printing, caused a forced migration to other software solutions. LibData was selected for session control. GoPrint was selected for printing services. While the process was slow and at times difficult, we also put in a long-time requested print release station. The print-release station allows users to charge their printouts to a credit or debit card. Additionally, UHV students are now able to charge their library printouts against their UHV print account.
  • Upgrade of Library Instruction Lab - The computers in Library Room 106 were upgraded using the new computers destined for the new library. This upgrade moves us to Windows 10 and to the latest versions of all software. Other public computers were scheduled for upgrade in FY19.