In fy13, study rooms were used 1,618 times. In fy14, study rooms were used 2,284 times. In fy15, study rooms were used 3,239. In fy16 study rooms were used 3,334 times. In fy17, study rooms were used 4,198 times.


We added a new study room this year, bringing our total to nine. Study rooms are very popular for group study as well as a place for users who need isolation to focus and work. The use of the study rooms has risen 160% since FY2013.

Interlibrary Loan has also seen a dramatic increase in usage. The number of items requested has risen by 52% since FY2016. We also note that our turn-around time for delivery of requested items has improved. Most of the requested articles reach our users in two days.

Our Chat Reference Service also showed a significant increase - by 47% over FY2016. We attribute this to a resolution of problems with the chat software that was causing cutoffs. Chat provides the opportunity for our reference librarians to assist researchers with their search needs from outside the library. Chat Reference is available when the library is open, over 76 hours a week.