Henry's Journal Digitization Project Completed

A five year old project involving library staff and volunteers was complete this year. The digitization and indexing of "Henry's Journal", a local newspaper column written by featuring the people, places, and businesses of the area's history was the project.

"Henry's Journal Online" is a collection of over 6,700 columns published in the Victoria Advocate from August 1979 until March 2009. Linda Wolff, a local historian, along with a group of volunteers, and VC/UHV librarians and staff members scanned each column and added them to the library's online digital collections.

At a reception held in the spring of 2016 celebrating, Henry notted that the columns may be of value to historians and genealogists researching in the local area, even outside Victoria County.

Henry's Journal Online can be searched at our digital collections page at the Victoria Regional History Center.