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Reserves Goodman: PSCI 2305

PSCI 2305

Unit 1: Topic 2--The American Political System

1. Azari, Julia. “The Roots of Political Science Frustration.” Mischiefs of Faction, 20 April 2015.

2. Sukoff, David. "Limited Government Solves the Prisoner's Dilemma that is Our Divided Country." Foundation for Economic Education. 13 April 2019.

3. Lieberman, Robert C., Suzanne Mettler, Thomas B. Pepinsky, Kenneth M. Roberts, and Richard Valelly. 2019. "The Trump Presidency and American Democracy: A Historical and Comparative Analysis." Persectives on Politics. 17: 470-579.

4. The Polarization of American Politics [video]

5. Compromise and American Politics [video]

Unit 1: Topic 3--United States Constitution

United States Constitution

Federalist Papers #10

Federalist Papers #51

Unit 1:Topic 4​--Bill of Rights and Constitutional Change

“Re-Examining the Constitution: Are Major Changes Needed?” CQ Researcher, 7 September 2012. Vol. 22(31): 741-764. (Click on Find Full Text--Find CQ Research from the Publisher's site and then search the title)

2. Amending the U.S. Constitution [video]

3. Founding Principles: American Governance in Theory and Action. Chapter 13: Civil Liberties [video]

4. Founding Principles: American Governance in Theory and Action. Chapter 14: Civil Rights [video]

Unit 2: Topic 1--Congress

1. Pearson, Kathryn. 2017. “President Trump and Congressional Republicans: Uncertain Teamwork in the 115th Congress.” The Forum 15: 512-524. 

2. The Role of the Speaker in the House of Representatives [video]

3. Lemons, Jane Fullerton. “Redistricting Showdown.” CQ Researcher 27 (25 August 2017). (Click on Find Full Text--Find CQ Research from the Publisher's site and then search the title)

4. Volden. Craig and Alan Wiseman. “Senators Used to Excel at Lawmaking. Now, Not So Much. Here’s What Needs to Change.” Monkey Cage, 29 June 2017.

Unit 2: Topic 2--Presidency

1. Glazer, Sarah. "The Presidency." CQ Researcher. 16 November 2018, pgs. 969-992.

2. Edwards, George C., III. 2017. “No Deal: Donald Trump’s Leadership of Congress.” The Forum 15: 451-497.

3. Carey, John. “Strong Presidencies May Threaten Democracy. Luckily We Don’t Have One.” Washington Post, 14 January 2016.

4. Azari, Julia. “The American Presidency is Incredibly Powerful.” Mischiefs of Faction, 9 December 2015.

5. Hopkins, David A. "A Historically Weak Presidency Just Keeps Getting Weaker." Honest Graft. 8 April 2019.

Unit 2: Topic 3--Bureaucracy

1. Roosevelt, Franklin. “Summary of the Report of the Committee on Administrative Management.” 12 January 1937.

2. Dunn Tenpas, Kathryn. "Who is in the President's Cabinet?" Brookings Institution. 21 May 2019.

3. Milkis, Sidney M. and Nicholas Jacobs. 2017. “’I Alone Can Fix It’ Donald Trump, the Administrative Presidency, and the Hazards of Executive-Centered Partisanship.” The Forum 15: 583-613.

4. Wilson, James Q. 1967 [Reprinted 2012]. “The Bureaucracy Problem.” National Affairs 11: 145-153.

5. Haeder, Simon F. and Susan Webb Yackee. “Psst, Wanna Change the Law? Lobby this Little-Known Government Office After It’s Passed.” The Monkey Cage, 27 July 2015.


Unit 3: Topic 1--Federalism

1.  Founding Principles: American Governance in Theory and Action. Chapter 2: Federalism [video]

2. Callen, Xachary. 2017. "Repurposing the Administrative State." The Forum. 15: 379-393.

3. Greenblatt, Alan. "Federal-State Relations." CQResearcher. 28 (27 April 2018).

4. Masket, Seth. "Political Polarization is not a Driver of Gridlock at the State Level." The Pacific Standard. 22 May 2019.

Unit 3: Topic 2--Judiciary

1. Marbury v. Madison (1803). [video]

2. Rogers, James R. "How Judicial Review Creates Incentives for Reckless Legislation." Law and Liberty. 17 April 2018.

3. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Fireside Chat  on "Court-Packing". 9 March 1937.

4.Constitutional interpretation from Justices Stephen Breyer and Antonin Scalia. [video]

5. Feldman, Adam. "Is the Court Tracking Right or Roberts Left?" SCOTUSBlog. 20 March 2019.

Unit 3: Topic 3--Public Policies

1. Teles, Steven M. 2013. "Kludgeocracy in America." National Affairs. 17:97-114. 

2. Patashnik, Eric M. and Julian E. Zelizer. 2013. "The Struggle to Remake Politics: Liberal Reform and the Limits of Policy Feedback in the Contemporary American State." Perspectives on Politics. 11: 1071-1087.

3. Nolan, Kay. "Domestic Poverty." CQ Researcher. 11 January 2019, pg. 1-27.

Unit 4: Topic 1--Public Opinion

1. Heath, Diane J. 2011. "The Presidency and Public Opinion." In Lori Cox Han (ed.) New Directions in the American Presidency. New York: Taylor and Francis Group.

2. McCutcheon, Chuck. "Political Polling." CQ Researcher. 25, no. 6 (6 February 2015): 121-144.

3. Shepard, Steven. "Pollsters Rush to Patch Fraying Methods for Trump's Reelection Race." Politico. 20 May 2019.

4. Stokes, Leah. "Alabama State Legislators Are Wrong about their Voters' Opinions on Abortion." The Monkey Cage. 29 May 2019.

5. Sides, John. "New Research Shows Just How Much Presidents Try to Manipulate Public Opinion." The Monkey Cage. 9 August 2015. 

Unit 4: Topic 2--Campaigns and Elections

1. Price, Tom. "Election Security and Voting Rights." CQ Researcher. 12 October 2018. 849-872.

2. Carson, Jamie L. and Aaron Hitefield. "Donald Trump, Nationalization, and the 2018 Midterm Elections." The Forum. 16: 531-549. 

3. Sides, John. "Don't Blame Our Polarized Politics on Voters. Blame it on Who Runs for Office in the First Place." The Monkey Cage. 11 April 2019.

4. Masket, Seth and Hans Noel. "Should We Consider 'Electability' When Evaluating Candidates?" Vox-Mischiefs of Faction. 15 May 2019. 

5. Using Big Data [video]

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